Canvas Laundry Basket (compact)

Canvas Laundry Basket (compact)

Our pull out canvas basket (as featured on The Block) will transform your laundry! The canvas bag is easy to remove and washable.

This is just one of many options, so whatever your laundry storage dilemma, contact us for expert advice to suit your space.

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Create more floor space by integrating the laundry basket into cabinetry with this easy to install storage solution.

Features You’ll Love

  • Stainless steel wire frame
  • Removable and washable (cold water) canvas liner
  • 71 litre capacity
  • Suits cabinet internal widths 426-470mm
  • Full extension slides holding up to 40kgs

Product Summary

  • Minimum cabinet depth 420mm
  • Minimum cabinet height 420mm

Installation Options

  • Side mount slides with 22mm built in spacer (2 x 35mm)
  • Side mount slides (2 x 13mm)
  • Battens and other spacers available


  • Avoid placing heavy, wet items (eg: towels) into this product to ensure it doesn’t change shape over time
  • Fabric liner is not covered by our lifetime warranty

Warranty & Product Care

  • Lifetime warranty on stainless steel wire
  • Lifetime warranty on slide functionality
  • Product care and warranty conditions
  • The fabric liner is not covered by our lifetime warranty

More Information

We highly recommend you refer to our measurement guide to ensure this product will be suitable for your space.

If you need advice, specifications/prices or help measuring your space please contact our expert team.


Measure your internal cabinet space. If your internal depth (front to back) is less than 490mm or more than 600mm, contact us for more options. We also offer a Measurement Service in most metropolitan areas.


Select slide typeThere are 2 side mount slide options.
(1) Side Mount 2 x 35mmW with a 22mm built in spacer to clear the door obstruction and hinge block.
(2) Side Mount 2 x 13mmW which commonly require the use of a packer to clear door obstructions.

Select packer (if you need one) (battens and/or spacers) . Use the drop down menu and watch the green box "Internal Cabinet Width" calculator adjust based in your selection. If you don't find an option suitable for your space, contact us for other options.


Contact us if you need expert advice or require an end-to-end service. Our products are DIY friendly but we know that not everyone has the time, skill or inclination to measure & install!


We highly recommend you refer to our measurement guide to ensure this product will be suitable for your space.

If you need help measuring your space please contact our expert team.


2 x 35mmW side mount - with 22mm built-in spacer. These slides are used for cabinets with internal widths ending in "68" or "18". For example, 168, 268, 368mm, etc. and 218, 318, 418mm, etc.

2 x 13mmW side mount - no built-in spacer. These slides can be used for a wide range of cabinet sizes (as well as cabinets with no doors) and commonly used with packers.


Our packer options (battens and/or spacers) are designed to the clear door obstructions, hinge blocks and any other obstructions that might prevent the slide from extending forward. Please contact us about this for advice if you are unsure or have a special requirement.


How do Tansel products compare?

Our wire is stainless steel so highly durable. The basket is a "square" design to optimise storage space. Our extensive range and expert advice can solve just about any storage dilemma. Our lifetime warranty against rust on the wire and lifetime warranty on slide function make Tansel products a long term investment.

What is a 'standard cabinet' and 'non-standard cabinet'?

Standard cabinet sizes are those with an internal width ending in “68” or “18” (eg. 168, 268, 368mm or 218, 318, 418mm) and your internal depth is 490-590mm. If your cabinet is different to this, you have a non standard cabinet size, so please get in touch with us directly for more options.


Do you offer a measurement service?

Yes, in most metropolitan areas, please contact us for more details/to arrange.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, we have a network of installers in most metropolitan areas. You can also use your own handyman, whom we can speak to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Where can I view Tansel products?

Please contact us to find your nearest viewing location. Most Howards Storage stores will have a TANSEL display.

Where can I buy Tansel products?

Products can be bought from us directly, we hold the most extensive range of products and options, as well as providing expert advice to assist in the trickiest situations. A limited range of our products can also be purchased through most Howards Storage stores.

Can I buy at trade prices?

Yes, please contact us for trade prices and purchases.

Our 'No Fine Print' Warranty

We dislike 'fine print' and know you do too. We hand pick our materials and design products that last. Our baskets are made using stainless steel wire, which come with a lifetime warranty against rust and a lifetime warranty on the functioning of the mechanism.


100 Day Money Back Guarantee

We think you'll love our products but if things don't go to plan, you can return them within 100 days for a full product refund (excluding freight).


Oops, I made a mistake with the size

If you've made a measurement error and things don't fit, no problem. We can assist you with replacement parts or product swaps. Alternatively, you can return the lot!

I want storage for existing cabinetsI am renovating my homeI am a business / joiner / carpenter etc.