Warranty & Product Care


Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Our lifetime warranty is against rust and spot weld breakage. Our stainless steel wire is chrome plated for easy cleaning and shine. If you require
electro-polishing (for special applications) please contact us. Some products (such as our moving corner solutions) may use brass.



Unless stated otherwise, all slides are zinc plated in accordance with industry standards. We offer a lifetime warranty on slide function. Warranty
does not cover surface corrosion or corrosion that affects inner working members of the slides. Slides that have been used over the recommended
weight capacity will not be covered by warranty.


Stainless Steel Slides – By Special Order Only

Warranties on stainless steel slides will be in accordance with the supplier, which will be advised at the time of quoting.


Moving Parts/Components

Some products use a combination of materials, such as frames and other moving components. Any part that is not wire, is unlikely to be stainless
steel, except Lazy Susan poles (stainless steel tube). Please see specific product warranties or contact us.

Warranty only covers the product and excludes labour/installation. Where there is a warranty claim, we will supply replacement parts only (including delivery).


Screws & Fittings

Unless stated otherwise, screws and fittings are not stainless steel.


Product Care

Wipe with a damp cloth until dry.

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