Delivery depends on the distance from Sydney NSW and the size of your order. It can range between a few days and at the most, sometimes a few weeks. There is a difference between metro and regional.

Freight depends on the volumetric package weight and location.

We ship Australia wide and internationally from our warehouse in Sydney NSW.

Tansel products are available for viewing in leading kitchen showrooms across Australia. Please contact us with your postcode and we can let you know a showroom close to you. If you are retro fitting your space, then you return to us for ordering.

Tansel products are available through directly placing an order over the phone or email. Online shopping cart coming soon.

Tansel products are owned and designed locally and they are manufactured overseas.

Tansel has a wide range of existing sizes that suit most already existing cabinets. If we can’t fit your cabinet, custom-made baskets are available. There is a tooling fee for a custom make and it takes up to a few months.

I want storage for existing cabinetsI am renovating my homeI am business / joiner / specifier