Measure Your Cabinet

Measure Your Cabinet

Our measurement guides (below) provide the details we need to find the right solution for you. Providing the exact internal width, depth and height of your space will ensure we understand needs. Our friendly expert team will review and advise to help you choose the best product to maximise your space and increase your storage.

Should you need any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you require someone to come and measure, please get in touch so we can discuss this service.


  1. Internal Cabinet Width  – measure wall to wall, NOT the opening when the door is swung fully open.
  2. Internal Cabinet Depth  – measure from front to back, don’t measure the shelf.
  3. Internal Cabinet Height – this one is the easiest!

Check out this video to ensure accuracy.

Click on the links below to complete our online form for the space you are transforming:


Alternatively you are welcome to use our PDF forms below and email the measurements to us to review.


We look forward to helping you create a storage solution you’ll love!

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