Professional Installation

Professional Installation Service

We have a network of local handymen that can install our products. This professional installation service is available in most Australian metropolitan areas.


Prices start from $50 per basket. Minimum 3 basket installation. This cost is based on your cabinet being a standard width and depth. If additional materials are required, such as batons or spacers, it will take longer to install, so the cost may increase. The installer may offer discounts for baskets installations if there are more than 8 total.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote or book an installation?

Firstly, we need to find the right solution for your space, so speak with us directly about this. Once your order is finalised, we can organise the installer in your area, who will contact you to make a suitable time.


Can someone come and measure my space?

This depends on where you are located. Some installers are happy to do this for free, others may do it only for a fee, which they may then deduct from the installation cost. In most cases, measuring the internal cabinet space is simple for you to do yourself, but please call us to discuss for more information.


Is there a Workmanship Guarantee?

The installer warrants their work. If you are not happy with any details of the job, please contact them (or us). Our wire baskets come with a lifetime warranty against rust and slides come with a lifetime warranty for function. Correct installation will ensure you enjoy them for a very long time!

Contact Us For More Information

Please contact us for any further information you might have.