DIY Installation

DIY Installation

1. Standard Cabinets

A  standard cabinet has an external width of (for example) 200, 250, 300, 350mm … Most of the time, cabinets use 16mm board but some flat pack kitchens use 18mm board (eg: Ikea kitchens). So if your cabinet is a standard width and uses 16mm board, our basket and slide combination are a perfect fit and EASY to install, even if you’re a novice.

INSTALLATION GUIDE (PDF) Slides have a built in spacer to clear the hinge block (of a 110 degree hinge). Please note that we do not supply screws unless requested. Screws are available from your local hardware shop.

2. Non Standard Cabinet

This is pretty much anything that is not ‘standard’, as described above. For example, you have a cabinet that is 390mm wide. These cabinets will require batons or packers to make sure you have a perfect fit. Installation of these cabinets is more tricky and so a bit more ‘handyman’ experience is probably required.

INSTALLATION GUIDE (VIDEO) Installations for a non standard cabinet are a bit more complicated and a greater degree of ‘handyman’ skill is required. Please note that we do not supply screws unless requested. Screws are available from your local hardware shop.

3. Space, Nooks & Other!

Our products can be installed in just about any space, nook or void. Our baskets can be fitted onto melamine frames, steel frames, brick walls and pretty much anything that is secure. We can also custom manufacture if you have special requirements or applications.

CONTACT US. For tricky spaces, we suggest you contact us for expert advice. We have an extensive range of products and mechanisms that provide maximum flexibility.

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