Why Choose Stainless Steel Storage?

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Why Choose Stainless Steel Storage? | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
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Why Choose Stainless Steel Storage?

#1. Easy Cleaning

Each basket is easy to un-clip! Being stainless steel you can wash it and clean it with just about any cleaning agents and not be worried about rust. It’s a perfect choice for hygiene, whether it is in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom or bathroom cabinets.

#2. Highly Durable

All our stainless steel wire baskets come with a lifetime warranty against rust. It’s an investment but you know you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

#3. Light Weight Yet Strong

We use only commercial quality slides, which hold 40kgs in weight. Our products are also used by leading kitchen companies as well as medical and commercial fitouts.

#4. Excellent Visibility

Everything is visible from all sides! Even if you fit a basket to the upper section of the cabinet, when it’s pulled out you can see what is stored. You can combine our stainless steel wire drawers with a clear non-slip base to get the best of both worlds.


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