The Block Laundry Storage Inspirations

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The Block Laundry Storage Inspirations

The Block laundry storage inspirations that you might not have seen!  Tansel’s laundry storage products are a regular feature on the hit reality home renovation TV show “The Block”. Here is a snippet of simple stylish storage inspirations you can easily incorporate into your very own laundry. These solutions can be fitted into new and existing cabinets and the range of sizes and options are extensive!

Courtney & Hans

The Block Laundry Storage

The Block/Freedom Kitchens | TANSEL Stainless Steel Pull Out Laundry Basket

Concealed behind the laundry cabinet door, The Block contestants Courtney & Hans used a TANSEL Pull Out Laundry Basket. It holds 97L of laundry and uses the majority of the internal cabinet space. The basket wire is stainless steel making it perfect for damp/soiled laundry because rust will not be an issue. Durability in damp and/or wet areas such as a laundry, is always important. In this picture, the basket pulls in and out with slides on one side only, suitable for either left or right.

TIP: Look for “square” shape laundry baskets to maximise cabinet space. Laundry baskets with angled sides will reduce storage capacity.

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Hayden & Sara

The Block Laundry Storage

The Block/Freedom Kitchens | TANSEL Stainless Steel Pull Out Laundry Basket

TANSEL laundry baskets come in a wide range of sizes, even for cabinets as narrow as 300mm wide. Again, The Block contestants Hayden & Sara used a Pull Out Laundry Basket to maximise the functionality of their laundry. Have plenty of space (and a large family)? No worries! Tansel’s largest available laundry basket is 500mm wide and holds up to 121L of laundry.

Laundry baskets can be door mounted, behind a hinged door or no door! You can even add castors for maximum mobility and convenience – you’ll never lift a laundry basket on wheels again!

TIP: Laundry baskets can also be placed under sink cabinets if your space is limited.

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The bonus of Tansel’s laundry storage products is that they are suitable for Do-It-Yourself installation.  If you fancy yourself a bit handy, save yourself money by installing them yourself, without compromising quality.

If you aren’t confident using a drill, we have a network of professional installation services that can help. Make an enquiry today.

And don’t forget to ask about our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets and obligation free quotes.

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