3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

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3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

Transforming a cabinet that’s hard to access is easier than you think! Best of all, you don’t need to renovate. Here are our 3 easy steps to transform your kitchen storage that will make everything easy to reach.

1. Measure Your Space

Knowing your space is the first (and most important) step to finding the right solution. There are many solutions and the best one will maximise your space. Use our Measurement Guide to get you started or contact us if your need help (or need someone to do it for you*).

2. Finding The Perfect Solution

Did you know removing adjustable shelves and replacing them with pull out storage can increase storage capacity by as much as 30%? Our product range is extensive so can solve a wide range of storage “challenges” so take advantage of the expert advice we offer.

3. Installing – Make It Happen!

For most cabinets, our solutions are DIY friendly and don’t take long to install, but if drilling and measuring are not your “cup of tea”, you can tap into our network of installers who are located in most metropolitan cities. We can also guide your installer of choice to make sure the installation runs smoothly.


* Measure & Quote available in some metro areas, a fee may apply, please contact us directly for more information.

3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

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