Under Sink

Under Sink
  • Laundry Bottom Mount Storage

    Combine a Laundry Basket with bottom mount basket to create access to all parts of your under sink area. Work around tricky plumbing and fit out space to maximise every inch of your laundry. With many combinations to choose from, contact us for advice. REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Detergent Pull Outs Laundry

    Add stainless steel pull out storage under the sink in your laundry for better use of space in those hard to reach spaces. There is a wide range of products around that work around plumbing, hoses, water filters and deep sinks. Take the guesswork out and contact us for expert advice. REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Door Mount Baskets

    Under sink storage in a laundry can be difficult to utilise but there are easy quick options to additional storage. Fixed racks provide quick access to items used frequently and are an easy DIY project. Stainless steel is also perfect for damp areas. REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Tea Towel Rail Laundry

    Hide and store your tea towel using our door mount Tea Towel Rail. This is an inexpensive and easy solution to keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free. It’s perfect for wet/damp tea towels and cleaning cloths because it won’t rust. REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE