Tiny Pantry Makeover

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Tiny Pantry Makeover

You’ll love our Tiny Pantry Makeover! Before the transformation, this narrow cabinet had one adjustable shelf. All the contents were difficult to access and there was much under-utilised space. After installing three pull out baskets, this narrow cabinet now has much better access and visibility. No more digging in the back again.

How to transform this space in 3 easy steps:

Narrow Kitchen Makeover Before

Step 1: Remove The Shelf

Did you know removing shelves can increase the space for storage by 30%? This cabinet had just one adjustable shelf that was simple to remove.






Narrow Kitchen Makeover After

Step 2: Add 3 Pull Out Wire Baskets

In a standard under bench cabinet you can install up three slide out baskets. If you plan on storing taller items, you might consider only adding two, but three is perfect as you then maximise the majority of space.




Drill Installation


Step 3: Installation Options

Professional installation is not essential. This cabinet was transformed within 30 mins flat! The ‘handyman’ was actually a ‘handy-woman’, armed with a pencil, a measuring tape, and mini cordless drill, not to mention not much experience in the DIY department either! Alternatively, a paid handyman service can do it for you also.


Using Non Slip Bases

Non slip bases are good if you plan to store tall items or multiple spices (like the ones pictured in the top basket). Bases provide stability for items in your pantry, especially when pulling the baskets in and out. Cans, packets, boxes etc don’t require bases so it is not essential here. The benefit of a non slip base is that it is easy to remove and just as easy to clean.


Minimal Cleaning

Pull out wire baskets requires minimal (or next to nothing) cleaning. If you want to clean the baskets (eg: something spills), it’s very easy to clip it out of its sliding tracks.

How do wire baskets compare to regular drawers?

We love regular drawer systems, such as Blum & Hettich (just to name a couple) but inside a narrow cabinet they can waste a lot of space. The thick side guards and additional packing required will give you much less usable space, which is a narrow cabinet really important – every inch counts! Regular drawers behind a cabinet door can be tricky to install if not fitted by a professional installer. And last of all, an internal drawer generally costs double compared to a stainless steel wire basket. So there is a bit to consider when comparing baskets to drawers.

Tips For Choosing Pull Out Storage For Narrow Cabinets

  1. The choice of mechanism to slide the basket in/out needs to take up minimal space, so as you can have the widest basket possible to maximise the space.
  2. Check the access for installation – some slide out systems cannot be fitted into existing cabinets, due to access being too tight.
  3. Check quality! Check warranty! Choose quality materials to ensure you are not having to replace the mechanism within a short time frame, as this will only cost you more dollars in the long run.


Need some ideas to help with your tiny pantry makeover? Click here.

There is also a great Houzz article with ideas to transform narrow and/or tricky cabinet spaces.

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