Kitchen Storage: Baskets VS Drawers

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Basket Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: April 13, 2017

Kitchen Storage: Baskets VS Drawers

Thinking of adding traditional drawers to existing cabinets? Think again! Our stainless steel pull out baskets can be a superior option when converting an existing cabinet in your kitchen storage.

Basket Storage

Kitchen Storage Baskets Vs Drawers |

If we convert a standard 400W external cabinet, we:

1. Save Money

Tansel wire baskets are up to 45% less expensive than standard kitchen drawers. A Tansel 100H basket including slides is RRP$71.00. That is almost a half price saving.

2. Create Space

Traditional drawers have wide side guards and additional packers that steal valuable space. Slides for wire baskets are compact, allowing more kitchen storage space.

3. DIY Install

Traditional drawers require skilled tradesmen and are not suited for a retrofit. Tansel pull out wire baskets are simple to install and you can install most of them yourself.

Multiple Options

Tansel baskets come in many sizes to optimise storage. Wire baskets require minimal cleaning. If you’re worried about spills and slips, non slip clear bases are available.

Tansel stainless steel wire baskets are less expensive, easy to install and give you more kitchen storage space … it’s a no brainer for your cabinet/pantry storage solution!

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