Do I Need A Base For A Pull Out Wire Basket?

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Non Slip Base
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Do I Need A Base For A Pull Out Wire Basket?

Non Slip Bases for your Pull Out Wire Basket can be the perfect addition for securely storing items in kitchen storage that are prone to moving.  Here is our recommendation for when you need a Non Slip Base … and when you don’t.

Why Use A Non Slip Base?

You might think a base is required because things slip through the wires of a pull out basket. They mostly don’t. We’ve designed the wires on our baskets to prevent items that are generally stored in a pantry or cabinet from falling through. Additionally, our non slip bases to provide stability for items when the pull out wire basket is being pulled in and out.

Made from acrylic and cut to size, a base for your basket is suitable (and recommended) for when you are storing these items below:

Non Slip Base

Non Slip Base – Pull Out Wire Basket |

1. Bottles

Bottles, and any other tall items, on a pull out spice rack have good stability when sitting on a flat base. The molded bottoms of soft drink bottles are generally unstable so using a non slip base is preferable here.

2. Spices

Spice jars, such as the Masterfoods glass jars, sit better on a non slip base. Bases prevent these smaller glass items from rolling, falling or moving – maintaining their stability on the basket when it is being pulled in and out.

3. Oils/Sauces

Bottles that are prone to leakage from general everyday use are better sitting on a non slip base. The benefit here is that the bases are easily able to be removed and cleaned.

When Are Bases Not Required?

Much of what you are storing in a pantry is in a packet of some kind. Boxes, tins and plastic packets are completely fine sitting on a wire. Some of our customers like to use bases to make cleaning easy, should something spill or tip but this is a personal preference.


Friendly Expert Advice

If you aren’t sure when to use a base or not, make an inquiry and benefit from our friendly expert advice. We provide recommendations for your cabinets and obligation free quotes.

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