Overhead Kitchen Storage You’ll Love!

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Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Other Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 1 Post Date: February 16, 2021

Overhead Kitchen Storage You’ll Love!

Kitchens are the heart of the modern home so need to be as functional and practical as possible. By transforming overhead cabinets you’ll discover discreet, accessible and organised storage, plus it’s easier than you might think! Discover how to create a better access and a clutter-free kitchen you’ll be proud to show off!


Utilising overhead cabinets is a great idea but can be tricky to get right and suit your storage needs. Whether it’s stacked crockery (which could lead to chips/breakages), or trying to find the spice (that’s always!) right at the back, these solutions will solve all this and more!


By installing our overhead solutions, you will resolve all these issues and more! You’ll be able to see what’s inside, create more space (adding pull out baskets can increase storage by 25% compared to fixed shelves) and everything is accessible.

Easy access and organisation for plates and other crockery. Our pull out plate racks are adjustable to give you maximum flexibility. You’ll love the neat look every time you open it!

We have many flexible storage configurations to suit a wide range of cabinet dimensions. Our multi-purpose baskets can be adjusted to suit your space and needs. Please contact us to discuss this option.

For shallow spaces these pull out baskets provide the perfect solution and create accessible storage (suitable for internal depth 260mm+).

Our overhead storage transformation achieved 3 things – increased storage, better organisation and made the space completely accessible!


Our Storage Solutions: Each rack/drawer is made using stainless steel wire which has a lifetime warranty. There is also a lifetime warranty on slide functionality.

Our Organisation Additions: Storing food in air tight containers gives your pantry contents longevity and prevent unwanted bugs contaminating your food. The labelling also creates better visibility and organisation to your space.

Need help? Get in touch and we’ll transform your space.

Take a look at our 3 steps to start. Once we have measurements and some pics, our expert team work out “best fit” solutions and provide you with an obligation free quote. If space is tricky we brain storm ideas because there are many product options. Our website is just a glimpse of what’s possible.

Installation Options

Many of our products are suitable for DIY installation. If DIY isn’t your  ‘thing’, ask us about our ever growing network of professional installation services.

Want to know more?

Why not request our latest catalogue and take a look at our full product range which includes prices and dimensions.


We love posting fresh ideas to store and organise your space so follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also drop us line (info@tansel.com.au) for any tricky storage dilemmas you need us to help you solve!

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