Budget Kitchen Storage: Quality Without The Price Tag

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Budget Kitchen Storage | Tansel.com.au
Posted by: Tansel_Team Category: All Storage, Flat Pack Kitchens, Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: September 14, 2018

Budget Kitchen Storage: Quality Without The Price Tag

Are you a little lacking on budget kitchen storage in the cabinets where space matters most? There’s no need to spend big dollars to make small changes. Consider our 5 budget-friendly ways to arrange the storage in your kitchen to be more organised and efficient. You’ll love the improvement that they make!

1. Budget Friendly Tip: Narrow Nooks

Budget Kitchen Storage Narrow Cabinet | Tansel.com.au

Have a small space or narrow nook in your kitchen storage that is considered un-usable? Tansel’s Pull Out Baskets are suitable for extra narrow widths.

Prices start from $60.36 for a 100W basket, which is suitable for a 200W cabinet. Our pull out baskets are suitable for already existing cabinets and installation is as easy as beginning with the removal of the shelf.



2. Budget Friendly Tip: Under Sink Areas

Budget Kitchen Storage Under Sink Cabinet | Tansel.com.au

Think your under sink area is not overly usable? Think again! Tansel’s Detergent Pull Out’s work around tricky plumbing obstacles to make the most of what is generally considered a difficult space.

Prices start from $107.23 and baskets are made from stainless steel wire that is a must in any damp area. Store your household cleaning products easily now and non slip bases ensure products remain stable.



3. Budget Friendly Tip: Door & Wall Solutions

Budget Kitchen Storage Door and Wall Mount Baskets | Tansel.com.au

Need to find a way to arrange your herbs and spices? No where to store a chopping board or cook book? Tansel’s door and/or wall mount baskets increase the storage in an already existing cabinet by utilising every available space.

Baskets are 300 W x 100 D x 100 H and prices start from $21.61 per basket. Store them in between shelves to extra maximise the space.



4. Budget Friendly Tip: Bottle Bliss

Budget Kitchen Storage Pull Out Spice Rack | Tansel.com.au

Wish there was a way to store bottles without them falling and/or breaking? Tansel’s Bottle & Spice Pull Out are perfect for tight long spaces in a kitchen, that are generally placed near an oven or fridge and often not utilised efficiently.

Our non slip bases provide the extra stability necessary to prevent products from moving. Prices start from $96.01 for a two-tier pull out basket.



5. Budget Friendly Tip: Tea Towel Tidy

Budget Kitchen Storage Tea Towel Holder | Tansel.com.au

Want a solution to store damp kitchen towels? Tansel’s tea towel holder is a slide out solution that stores tea towels under the sink in an efficieint hygenic way. They come with a double tier and prices start from $23.21.

Prefer something a little simpler? Our tea towel rail is easily fixed to a door and prices start from $4.41. Both products are made from stainless steel wire so they will not rust is any area prone to wet.


Budget Friendly Bonus

The bonus of our budget kitchen storage products is that they are suitable for DIY installation.  Save yourself even more money by installing them yourself, without compromising quality.

If you aren’t confident using a drill, we have a network of professional installation services that can help. Make an enquiry today.

And don’t forget to ask about our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets and obligation free quotes.


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