The Benefits Of Bottom Mount Cabinet Storage

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Bottom Mount Storage | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
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The Benefits Of Bottom Mount Cabinet Storage

Are you tired of digging in the back of your cabinet? Consider the ease of bottom mount cabinet storage that fully extends to make everything within easy reach. It really is a simple kitchen storage solution.

Why choose a bottom mount storage basket?

Bottom mount storage baskets have a few extra benefits. They are suitable for a wide variety of spaces around the kitchen, including your pantry and under sink cabinets. Bottom mount baskets are also easy to install, so they are a great ‘quick fix’ for those hard to reach spaces. Here are a few examples of how they can be used.

Create Better Access Your Panty

Bottom Mount Baskets Wire Drawers

The lowest part of the pantry is generally the most difficult to reach. Adding bottom mount baskets will give you easy access for those hard to reach places. You can add one large basket or 2-3 small ones, if your pantry is wide.

There are 3 basket heights to choose from. The 100mm height basket is ideal for things that are up to 200mm high. The 150mm height is best for taller items up to 300mm high (such as bottles). The tallest basket is 200mm high, which is generally not required unless you plan to use it as a vegetable basket or you are storing very tall items.

Under Sink Storage

Bottom mount basket storage | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

Narrow spaces around the plumbing may create hard to reach nooks. Positioning a bottom mount basket in between the cabinet wall and plumbing can give you more accessible storage. All the slides are full extension, so everything slides out all the way, which gives you maximum visibility. The bottom mount slides are also ideal for installing into narrow spaces –  they allow you to drill down and fit the drill into the smaller space.

Bottom Mount Basket Around Bin | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

Creating storage around your bin helps you to make use of all available space. The basket above the bin is bottom mounted making everything easy to access. The side mounted wire baskets also maximise storage – no space is wasted!

Every cabinet is uniquely different, so we recommend you contact us for advice to help find the right solution.

All Other Cabinets

Drawer PartitionsBottom mount baskets can be added into just about any cabinet. You can add partitions to store tall items such as baking trays, chopping boards or cook books. It can also be an easy way to create better organisation of glasses, storage containers and other items that may move around.

Non slip bases are an easy addition if required. We recommend them for storing tall items, such as glass and bottles.


DIY or Professional Installation

Installation is simple but if your talents lie else where (ie. drilling holes is ‘not your thing’), we can organise professional installation, which is available in most areas across Australia.

More Tips & Ideas

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