Kitchen Storage Solutions For Existing Cabinets

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Kitchen Storage For Existing Cabinets
Posted by: Tanya Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Other Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: January 31, 2018

Kitchen Storage Solutions For Existing Cabinets

Did you know there are kitchen storage solutions for existing cabinets? Whatever the shape and/or size of your cabinet, you can create easy access and better organisation inside. Reduce clutter and maximise storage using an extensive range of high quality products.

3 Steps To Transform Existing Cabinets

  1. Measure your space – exact internal Width, Height & Depth (mm) and protrusion of hinges
  2. Benefit from our friendly expert advice to find the right solutions for your storage cabinets
  3. Do-It-Yourself friendly installation or ask about a professional installation service

Measure Your Cabinet

Option 1: Measure your internal cabinet width. We offer a simple measurement guide and also provide guidance over the phone.

Option 2: A picture tells a thousand words! Take a picture and send it to us. This is better for tricky spaces or non standard sizes.

Option 3: Sketches, plans and diagrams are all welcome too. We’ll then contact you to clarify any details of your images if need be.

Once we know your space, we can start recommending the solutions to suit your cabinet. If you’re unsure of any details, just ask us. Check our installation for details and tips.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Pantry Storage Solutions |

Friendly Expert Advice

You’ll benefit from our expert advice to help you find the right solution for your space. We aim to help you maximise storage space and have great access and visibility to whatever you are storing.

There is an extensive range of kitchen storage solutions, in fact we have the largest range in Australia! Don’t overwhelm yourself with technical information, just call us for some quick advice and suggested product ideas for your space.

Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage Solutions |

Products for every space imaginable

There are many kitchen cabinets that have hard to reach spaces. Some of the most common are:

  1. Pantry: A pantry is usually deep and hard to access with lots of wasted space. Explore our pantry storage ideas: Pull Out Pantry, Slim Narrow Pantry and Butlers Pantry.
  2. Under Sink Cabinets: These are filled with hard to reach tricky narrow spaces. See what’s possible: Under Sink Storage.
  3. Narrow Cabinets: The hardest of places to organise and access. You’ll love our narrow pull out solutions for Spice Storage and really Narrow Cabinets.
  4. Corner Cabinets: Each space can be different and there are many options to consider, including: Lazy Susan, Le Mans Sliding Trays and Moving Corners.
Corner Storage

Corner Storage Solutions |

Installation Options

Do-It-Yourself Friendly: Our products are generally easy DIY installation. We can guide you on the degree of difficulty, so let us know what your capability. If your cabinet is a ‘standard width’, it’s generally easy. We also recommend you avoid soft close slides for DIY because it requires 100% accuracy. Standard slides are forgiving – have a go!

Professional Installation: We have a network of professional installation services that can install our products. We can give you an indicative quote. A standard basket (including slides) costs approximately $50 per basket to install (Minimum 3 baskets). If the installation is more complicated and you need batons to fill gaps, it may cost more.

Using Your Installer: We know our products are excellent but it’s important they are installed correctly. If you have a ‘standard’ cabinet and are using ‘standard slides’, it’s generally easy and requires minimal time and instructions. If you have baskets with batons or slides that are pre-fitted, we recommend that you get in touch for assistance.


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