Maximise The Space In Your Pantry Cabinet

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Pantry Cabinet
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: January 9, 2017

Maximise The Space In Your Pantry Cabinet

Do you want to maximise the space in your pantry? Originally, this pantry was 5 fixed shelves and after a simple DIY, it was then transformed into 7 stainless steel pull out wire baskets. Increase the capacity of your kitchen storage with Tansel pull out wire baskets.

Now there is a lot more usable space to efficiently store all the food items for your pantry storage. Everything is easy to find with pull out wire baskets. You will never dig in your pantry again!

3 Steps To Increase Pantry StoragePantry Cabinet

  1. Remove the shelves. The spacing between shelves is usually 350H. This leaves voids of space and you are likely to double/triple your tiems and then can’t find products at the back of the pantry.
  2. Group items with similar heights. Most pantry items are only 150H, group these together. The remaining tall items will be about 200-300H, then group these together. And so on.
  3. Add surface area. The more pull out wire baskets, the more surface area available. In a standard height pantry, we recommend 3-4 pull out wire baskets 100H and 1-2 pull out baskets 150Hw


5 Pull Out Basket Features

  1. Each basket extends to 100% of its length
  2. The basket hold up to 40kgs weight capacity
  3. Suitable for external cabinets widths 160-1000mm
  4. Soft close, non slip bases and partitions are optional extras
  5. D0-It-Yourself friendly installation also

Price Guide

Baskets from RRP $70.00 each (200W including slides)

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Fancy yourself a little bit handy? Tansel products are suitable for DIY installation too. If DIY doesn’t work for you, ask about our ever growing network of professional installation services. And don’t forget to benefit from our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets too.


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