Can someone come and measure my space?

In most cases, measuring your internal space is simple for you to do yourself, but we appreciate not everyone is handy with a tape measure. It’s important to have accurate measurements so the solution we provide suits your space and needs.

Our measurement service depends on where you are located – it’s available in most metropolitan areas.

The cost for this service is $95 for up to 7 cabinets (there may be an additional charge for more cabinets).

(TIP: it’s a good idea to think ahead to other spaces you might want to consider in the future so all measurements are taken in the first instance thereby avoiding additional fees).


If you would like to request a measure please email ( your:

  • name
  • contact number
  • full address of measure
  • suggested times/days that you are at home
  • the number of cabinets you need measured
  • description of cabinets & where they are located (eg: undersink in laundry and pantry in kitchen).
I want storage for existing cabinetsI am renovating my homeI am a business / joiner / carpenter etc.