Pantry Storage Transformation

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Pantry Storage Transformation

A pantry storage transformation is easier than you think! Best of all, no renovation is required. You’ll love our 3 easy steps that will make digging around the back of your cabinet a thing of the past.

Step 1: Measure Your Cabinet

Knowing the internal dimensions of your pantry will help find the best solution. Refer to our measurement guide for help. Removing adjustable shelves will give you a ‘blank canvas’ that will really optimise the space. We can help you work out “best fit” so don’t worry about this part.

Step 2: Group Similar Height Items Together

Did you know that 80% of what you store in your pantry is not much taller than 12cms? Grouping all your tall items, will allow you to maximise the storage in your pantry.

Step 3: The Optimal Configuration

Having grouped all the tall and short items, you can really maximise the space! Here’s our suggested configuration:

1-2 Pull Out Basket drawers that are 150mm high – for tall items up to 300mm tall.

4-5 Pull Out Basket drawers that are 150mm high – these store all of the smaller pantry items.


Products are DIY friendly, so if you are a handy-man or handy-woman, give it a go, otherwise contact us for professional installation services. Each pull out basket drawer holds 40kgs and the wire is stainless steel, so designed to last the test of time.



Pantry Storage Transformation | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

Pantry Storage Transformation | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

Contact us if you need expert advice to help find the right kitchen storage solution.

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