Under Sink Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

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Under Sink Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: March 8, 2017

Under Sink Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

Can you imagine that this under sink cabinet was once filled with clutter? There was absolutely zero organisation and access to the back was next to impossible. Have a look at the kitchen storage transformation now!  All those narrow awkward spaces in your under sink cabinet are now accessible because everything slides out to you.


Under Sink Storage Before | TANSEL

TANSEL Under Sink Storage – Before

Originally, it was impossible to keep the shelf of this 9oo W under sink cabinet because of the double sink and extensive plumbing. After the shelf had to be removed, the space became a dumping zone and was hard to keep organised. Storage was messy and nothing could be accessed easily.

Creating functional under sink storage around all the obstacles in the cabinet including plumbing hoses, water filters and deep sinks can be tricky. The space can feel unusable and storage can be limited. Tansel has a range of ways to get around the problem, literally!


Under Sink Storage

TANSEL Under Sink Storage – After

Two Detergent Pull Outs were installed into the under sink cabinet and what a transformation! A Detergent Pull Out was installed the full depth of the cabinet on the left. Beside the product (on the right) and in front of the plumbing, another Detergent Pull Out (Shallow) was installed sideways, to utilise the width of the cabinet.

This simple under sink storage solution also allows access to plumbing hoses and water filters when it is required. The optional opal bases were also added to give the range of cleaning product bottles stability from moving and/or breaking.


Why Use Tansel for Your Under Sink Storage Solution?

1. Rust Resistant

Under sink cabinets need robust storage solutions because much of what is stored is in a damp, wet and/or corrosive environment. You can be assured that our product will last the test of time because is it made from stainless steel wire – a perfect solution for such a space.

2. Simple DIY Installation

This cabinet was transformed within 30 mins flat! The ‘handyman’ was actually a ‘handy-woman’, armed with a pencil, a measuring tape and mini cordless drill. If you fancy yourself a bit handy, save yourself money by installing them yourself, without compromising quality. If you aren’t confident using a drill, we have a network of professional installation services that can help. Make an enquiry today to seek our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets and obligation free quotes.

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