3 Easy Steps To Install Pull Out Pantry Storage

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3 Easy Steps To Install Pull Out Pantry Storage

When people think of making the space in their pantry better, they think of installing a brand new one. The cost, time and inconvenience can be prohibitive for your kitchen storage reality. There is a solution that is simple, affordable and suitable for DIY installation. Retro-fitting your already existing pantry storage is often better than installing a new one.

How to install pull out pantry storage:


Pantry Individual Baskets

Step 1.

By removing shelves and inserting pull out pantry wire baskets, you can easily create more space. Shelves are generally spaced widely so you can stack a lot of ‘stuff’ and if you’re lucky, reach over the top and access what is at the back. But realistically, because items in your pantry are likely double/triple stacked, you might be buying more of what is actually hidden at the back.


Step 2.

Everyday kitchen items are generally 100-150H, so inserting 4-5 baskets that are 100H is perfect for most pantry items and most pantry sizes. We recommend 150H gaps between each of these, so you can easily store taller items, as well as sometimes just reach into the basket, without even having to pull it out. You only need 1 or 2 baskets 150H for your extra taller items, with 200H gaps in between.


Step 3.

Trying to decide how many baskets you need depends on how tall you are and how much storage you require. Between 5 and 6 baskets are optimal but you can go higher. If you have a basket above head height there is still the benefit of improved visibility when you slide the basket out – you can see everything from below. Access is also easier when contents are out, even if you need a step ladder.


Explore our pantry storage ideas for more inspirations – see what’s possible in a brand new or already existing kitchen!

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