Bedroom Storage Tips

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Bedroom Storage Tips

Organisation is at the heart of creating a relaxing bedroom environment. Our pull out baskets are a great way to maximise storage, create functionality alongside organisation.

Tip 1: Maximise Storage Space

Most cabinets have one adjustable shelf making access hard. By replacing with 3 pull out baskets you instantly create 25% more storage.

Bedroom Storage Tips

BEFORE: cabinet with one shelf

Tip 2: Easy access, better visibility

Our pull out baskets have created better access and visibility. Available in many size combinations, you’re sure to find a solution to suit your space.

Bedroom Storage Tips

AFTER: installed with 3 x pull out baskets using side mount slides

Tip 3: Organise your space

Our baskets are open and airy, meaning no more mould in the corners of your wardrobe drawers. Plus by adding a base you ensure nothing drops through the wires. Now choosing what to wear is a breeze!


  • Our stainless steel wire comes with lifetime warranty against rust.
  • Contact us for expert advice and how to maximise storage.
  • Our catalogue provides details of our extensive product range with prices and dimensions.

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