5 Amazing Spice Storage Ideas – For Any Cabinet Space

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Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: February 9, 2021

5 Amazing Spice Storage Ideas – For Any Cabinet Space

Let’s Talk Spices! Here’s our 5 most popular solutions that will create effortless access and amazing organisation. Whatever your cabinet shape or size, our extensive range and expert advice will help transform your space.

1. Door / Wall mount

Keen to use the space available on a door or wall? Our door mounted spice racks makes the most of small storage spaces (and can be fixed to a wall). We love these solutions because the wire is stainless steel (no rust!) and there is an extensive range of sizes so can suit a large range of spaces.

2. Narrow

The ideal solution for narrow spaces is a Bottle & Spice Pull Out Rack to store all your oils and spices. Baskets slide out on a two tier system (three different widths are available). There a many different configurations available so we’re sure one will suit your needs. To ensure stability, our non-slip bases are available to prevent bottles moving and capture any spills.

3. Drawer Organiser

Need to utilise existing storage? Our innovative, fully adjustable drawer organiser is the answer! Our Drawer Organiser Kits are designed to separate and organise your space. You can easily create compartments, which can be re-configured as required. Recommended for organising non-weight bearing pantry items. If you need to store tall and heavy items that rest on the separators, we recommend using our Stainless Steel Wire Partitions.

4. Side mount

Create perfect visibility with our  Side Mount Baskets. Your spices are organised, accessible and easily selected at a glance. A drawer you’ll be proud to open!

5. Overhead

Create better access to overhead cabinets using slide out baskets. Specially designed for over head cabinets, these baskets allow you to make the most of this space, providing better access and creating visibility to see everything from every angle.

Non-Slip Bases

Our Non Slip Bases ensure that spices (or other products) don’t move around and prevent items breaking or spilling. Bases are easily removed for cleaning. They come in a range of sizes and are available in either clear or opal.

We’re here to help you transform your space.

There are 3 steps to start. Once we have measurements and some pics, our expert team work out “best fit” solutions and provide you with an obligation free quote. If space is tricky we brain storm ideas because there are many product options. Our website is just a glimpse of what’s possible.

Installation Options

Many of our products are suitable for DIY installation. If you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, ask us about our ever growing network of professional installation services. And don’t forget to take advantage of expert advice, our team can provide recommendations for other cabinets too.


  • Our stainless steel wire comes with lifetime warranty against rust.
  • Cost effective solutions starting at $29.95.
  • Our latest catalogue has our full range of products, with dimensions and prices.

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