Clever Kitchen Storage for Trays & Chopping Boards

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Clever Kitchen Storage for Trays & Chopping Boards | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Other Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: October 5, 2020

Clever Kitchen Storage for Trays & Chopping Boards

Baking trays, chopping boards, and pot lids can be tricky to keep neat and organised. Often they just end up in a heap in a drawer or cupboard, making access and visibility difficult. Storing these items upright with our Stainless Steel U Dividers provides you with better organisation, access and visibility.


Laying baking sheets, chopping boards and lids flat not only feels overwhelming and cluttered but also loses precious storage space.

Work in Progress

Simply install our U Dividers by screwing into the base of your drawer or cabinet. Living in a rental or want flexibility to move it around? We also have a melamine base that can be purchased to go with the dividers. Create extra storage in just minutes!


Look at all the extra storage space gained! A full drawer is now contained in 1/3 of the space. Plus, everything is neat, organised and easy to access!



  • Our stainless steel wire comes with lifetime warranty against rust.
  • Cost effective solution starting at $29.95!
  • Dividers are DIY friendly and available with a mounting base so you don’t need to drill into existing cabinetry.
  • Our latest catalogue has our full range of products.

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