Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150

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Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 2 Post Date: March 25, 2021

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150

A small investment that makes a huge difference. Check out these highlights for ideas using our quality stainless steel wire products. Our range is designed so you can add to it over time suiting all budgets (plus we offer Afterpay too).

1. Under sink – from $131

Our narrow slide out baskets are great for under sinks to store sponges, dish washing tablets. Made with stainless steel wire for maximum under sink durability. Each component unclips easily should you need to access the pipes at the back.

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150 Undersink

2. Bottom of Pantry – from $71.95

Finding the bottom of your pantry hard to access, you’re not alone! Our bottom mount kitchen storage solutions will make everything easy to access and perfectly visible. You can also add the clear non slip bases if you are storing bottles and need stability. The bases make cleaning very easy.

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150 Bottom Mount

3. U Dividers – from $29.95

Baking trays, chopping boards, and pot lids can be tricky to keep neat and organised. Often they end up together in a heap, making access and visibility difficult. By storing these items upright with our Stainless Steel U Dividers you instantly have better organisation, access and visibility.

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150 Dividers

4. Drawer in Drawer – from $131

Design alongside practicality! Utilise the “wasted” space in high drawers by adding a wide pull out wire basket at the top – like a drawer within a drawer. The wire basket above the drawer rails adds more space to store wide flat items like lids for pots, platters etc.

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150 Drawer in Drawer

5. Spicy solutions – from $24.95

Spices racks can be placed in-between shelves to give you more storage. Alternatively, you can also place them in between pull out baskets but you’ll need to consider the correct placement. As each pantry door is slightly different, call us for advice in choosing the right solution to suit your space. access and visibility.

Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions From Under $150 Spice Racks

We’re here to help. Contact us to transform your space.

  • Our team is here to assist you to help you find the best solution.
  • For more details on these products and more why not request a catalogue!
  • Many of our products are suitable for DIY installation or ask us about our professional installation services.

There are many kitchen storage solution ideas on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also drop us line ( for any tricky storage dilemmas you need us to help you solve!

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