Top 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

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Top 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Storage | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
Posted by: admin Category: All Storage, Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: March 15, 2020

Top 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

You’ll love these 10 kitchen storage tips that will not only maximise your storage but create a space that is easy to organise and make everything within easy reach.

#1. Replace Shelves With Pull Out Storage

The height spacing between shelves is very wide, which wastes a lot space that could otherwise be used. Replacing shelves with pull out storage allows you to reduce the gaps because you don’t need “air space” to reach items stored at the back.

Top 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

300mmW Stainless Steel Drawers


#2. Group Similar Height Items Together

Storing all your tall items together helps to maximise space. When you mix short and tall items together the spacing required between drawers will need to be much higher.

Top 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

RHS: 300mmW Stainless Steel Drawers | LHS: 500W Stainless Steel Drawers


#3. Create More Surface Area

Creating more surfaces will create more usable storage. For example, this cabinet had 1 shelf and the base to store items. By removing the shelf and adding 3 stainless steel pull out drawers we’ve created more usable space. The slides will reduce some storage, but overall you gain and you don’t need to dig around trying to find items stored at the back. It’s a win/win!

RHS: 20mmW Stainless Steel Drawers

#4. Big Storage For Small Spaces

You might think a 13cm wide space can’t be used because access is just too hard, but here are 2 examples of what’s possible. Narrow spaces can became a valuable source of storage for a wide range of items. These solutions can be installed into existing cabinets but a higher level of skill is required or ask us about our Professional Installation Service.

RHS: Stainless steel wire Broom Pull Out | RHS: Stainless steel wire Bottle & Spice Pull Out

#5. Under Sink Nooks

Often overlooked, these small spaces under the sink can be a great valuable storage. Using a Tea Towel Slide or a simple side mount stainless steel drawer can optimise the space. Our wire is stainless steel, so perfect for wet areas that need durable materials that won’t need to be replaced in a few years. All TANSEL stainless steel wire comes with a life warranty.

LHS: Bottom Mount Stainless steel wire drawer and side mount Stainless steel wire drawer | RHS: Stainless steel wire Tea Towel Slide

#6. Vertical Storage For Tall Items

Trays, chopping boards, platters, etc. can be difficult to store. Storing these items on top of each other makes the space unorganised and digging around is required! If you have a tall space, using vertical dividers not only creates loads more storage but makes everything so much easier to organise. These stainless steel dividers also ensure you have a “rust free” space.

LHS: Stainless steel wire Divider

#7. Double Your Storage In Tall Drawers

Tall drawers can have wasted space if you are not storing tall items. Adding a stainless steel drawer into the existing space can not only double your storage by provide transparency for items being stored below. Adding a clear non-slip base can be a perfect addition small items that can move around and if you are concerned about things slipping through.

LHS: Stainless steel wire 100H x 900W mm drawer installed in the above space of a standard drawer.

#8. Declutter, Decant & Organise!

Bliss! The combination of pull out storage and decluttering makes for a perfect solution. Everything is perfectly accessible, visible and organised. It’s an investment but one that will make your kitchen storage functional for a long time to come. The stainless steel drawers are easy to remove so make for excellent cleaning and they each hold 40kgs so you can store a wide range of items.

RHS: 500mmW Stainless steel wire drawer | LHS: 300mmW Stainless steel wire drawer

#9. Wall & Door Mount Storage Racks

Adding racks to cabinet doors or walls is an easy way to create more storage. It’s inexpensive, simple and makes for an quick DIY project. Stainless steel wire is the preferred material for door mount racks because they will remain rust free. Materials that are prone to rusting will need to be replaced and trying to match screw holes can be tricky, so if you are mounting to doors do it once and do it well.

LHS: 700W x 100Hmm Stainless steel wire drawer and Spice Racks | RHS: 300W x 100H/150H x 100D mm Door Mount Racks

#10. Last But Not Least… The Pantry Is A Storage Gold Mine

Pantries with shelves offer the greatest storage potential. Using a combination of the above tips, you can create the perfect pantry storage. If some (or all) the shelves are adjustable, removing them will help you optimise your space and create 25% (and sometimes more) additional storage. Organising the pantry and decluttering using storage canisters will further enhance the space. Many of these solutions are DIY friendly but you can also use Professional Installer if drilling holes isn’t where your talents lie.

LHS: 4 x Stainless steel wire Multi Purpose Pull Outs | RHS: 4 x (100Hx700W) and 2 x (150Hx700W) Stainless steel wire drawers


Need To Add More Storage? 3 Simple Steps To Get Started

1. Measure your space (see Measurement Guide) or contact us for a Measurement Service.

2. Our expert staff will help to optimise your space and find the with the “best fit”.

3. Products are DIY friendly or you can use our Professional Installation Service.

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