Storage Solutions for Wide Cabinets

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Storage Solutions for Wide Cabinets | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
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Storage Solutions for Wide Cabinets

Wide pantries and cabinets offer great space but keeping them organised and making everything within easy reach can be challenging. Wide cabinets can also end up with sagging shelves. Adding vertical dividers can overcome these challenges and provide a range of benefits.

3 Benefits of Dividing A Wide Cabinet

  • Create up to 25% more storage space when you replace shelves with pull out storage.
  • Provide easy access to all items stored at the back.
  • Better organisation because everything is now accessible and visible.

Divisions are also an excellent way to work around obstacles and odd shaped cabinets.

Example #1

This existing cabinet (886mm internal width) had one adjust shelf. The left door couldn’t open fully because of the adjacent wall and thick door handles. Adding a division ensured no space was wasted and the home owner still achieved all the benefits of adding the pull out storage.

Project details: Customer DIY installation. TANSEL stainless steel wire drawers with opal non slip bases. Each basket holds 40kgs and is full extension. Bottom drawer is 150mm high and upper two are 100mm high. Image courtesy of @belleabode.

Example #2

This pantry  (1150mm internal wide) had sagging shelves and loads of wasted space. The owner wanted more storage, better organisation and easy access.

BEFORE: All shelves were adjustable but sagging. Home owner had down sized so this cabinet was the primary place of storage.

AFTER: Cabinet was divided into a number of sections. Our makeover increased the storage by 20% and the home owner had better access and great organisation. It was a DIY project.

Example #3

This existing cabinet (1176mm internal width) had one adjustable shelf. The shelf was sagging and the owner had access issues and needed to maximise space because the kitchen was small and had no tall pantry.


BEFORE: Sagging shelf and hard to reach spaces (especially at the bottom of the cabinet). There was also lots of wasted space. Image courtesy of Howards Storage World.


AFTER: This cabinet had to be divided because it was just too wide. LHS: Tall items were stored in the two 150mm tall TANSEL stainless steel drawers. RHS: shorter items stored in three 100mm tall drawers. Image courtesy of Howards Storage World.


3 Step to Transform A Wide Cabinet

1. Measure your space (see Measurement Guide) or contact us for a Measurement Service.

2. Our expert staff will help to optimise your space and find the with the “best fit”.

3. Products are DIY friendly or you can use our Professional Installation Service.


What Makes TANSEL products different?

Our wire drawers won’t rust! Unlike similar products on the market, we use stainless steel wire and offer a lifetime guarantee against rust.

We use commercial grade slides (and fittings) which hold 40kgs and come with a lifetime warranty on function.

We stock the largest range of sizes in Australia. One size doesn’t fit all! We stock 17 width, 3 heights, 10 depths options and if required, we can custom manufacture.


What To See More Storage Inspirations?

We’re always posting new ways to sort and inspire so follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also drop us line ( and tell us what you’ve love to see more of, or if there is a tricky space that we can help you with.

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