The Perfect Pantry Makeover at Zoe & Benji Marshall Sydney Home

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Perfect Pantry Makeover | TANSEL Pull Out Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 1 Post Date: February 16, 2020

The Perfect Pantry Makeover at Zoe & Benji Marshall Sydney Home

Creating a functional pantry that makes access and organisation a breeze is easier than you might think! See how we helped our glam mum, Zoe Marshal transform her pantry and make “digging to the back” a thing of the past.


  • Wasted space
  • Access to the back was difficult
  • Hard to keep organised

The height between the shelves was very wide, which created opportunities to better utilise the space. Pantries with shelves also create access issues – you constantly need to dig to the back and end up buying items you already have!

Perfect Pantry Makeover | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

AFTER, here’s what we did…

1. Removed Adjustable Shelves

Removing the adjustable shelves gave us a “blank canvas” and use the space to it full potential. The top shelf was used to store items not required regularly, such as Zoe’s vases.

2. Added Pull Out Storage

We increased the storage in Zoe’s pantry by 25% but adding our stainless steel wire drawers. We spaced the drawers further apart for tall items and the rest were spaced more closely together because the items being stored were only around 20cm.

3. Inserted Non-Slip Bases & Organised the Space

The clear non-slip bases are great for providing stability and if you’re concerned about items slipping through. They are also easy to remove and clean. We added 3 bases in drawers storing tall items and spices. Much of what was stored was re-organised and stored using products from Howard’s Storage, Little Lable Co and Ikea.

The Perfect Pantry Makeover after transformation | TANSEL Pull Out Storage



  • Drawers are stainless steel wire and come with lifetime warranty against rust.
  • We added 2 x 150mm high basket drawers for tall items and 4 x 100mm high basket drawers for shorter items.
  • Holds 240kgs combined weight capacity, each drawer holds 40kgs.
  • Installation time was 60mins using Tansel’s Sydney Installer, otherwise allow about 90mins.

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