Bottom Mount Kitchen Storage – Solutions For Hard To Reach Spaces

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Bottom Mount Kitchen Storage – Solutions For Hard To Reach Spaces

If you find the bottom of your cabinet hard to access, you’re not alone! The lowest part of the cabinet requires the most digging and visibility to the back is limited. These bottom mount kitchen storage solutions will make everything easy to access and perfectly visible.

Easy Access For Wide Cabinets

Bottom mount stainless steel wire drawers are highly flexible. They suit just about any cabinet size, even those that are very wide! There are 17 widths and 3 height options – 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. You therefore have a wide range of options to accommodate many cabinet widths. For example, in a very wide cabinet you can fit 2-3 bottom mount drawers or opt for one wide one.

Organising Your Space

It’s a great “Mix & Match” solution because any left over narrow spaces can used with our vertical dividers, which are perfect for storing tall items such as chopping boards or platters. You can also added the clear non slip bases if you are storing bottles and need stability. The bases are make cleaning very easy.

Simple Installation

This is a DIY friendly solution and very easy to install. If however drilling holes is not your “cup of tea”, contact us about our Installation Service that’s available in most metropolitan areas around Australia.


Fast Facts

  • Wire is stainless steel and comes with a life warranty against rust.
  • Slides are full extension, so extend 100% and come with a lifetime warranty on function.
  • Each drawer holds 20kgs but can hold up to 40kgs (contact us if you need this option).
  • 17 widths starting from 100mm wide, maximum 900mm wide.
  • Visit our online store – height options 100mm , 150mm & 200mm

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