Concealed and Organised Laundry Basket Storage

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Posted by: admin Category: Laundry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: July 28, 2019

Concealed and Organised Laundry Basket Storage

Laundry baskets can be easily concealed to give your walk ways more space and remove the clutter. Installing pull out laundry baskets into existing cabinets is easy and will make the space functional and organised.

Solutions for Just About Any Space!

We know that cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, so making the space work to it’s full  potential is important. Our laundry storage solutions can be bottom mounted to provide maximum flexibility. The narrowest basket is 300mmW so great for smaller cabinets, but if you have a very wide cabinet (or a large family), using multiple laundry baskets to separate and organise the space, might be ideal.

Size Options To Suit Your Needs

There are 3 size options. The 300mm wide laundry basket is the smallest in the range but still holds an impressive 71 Litres, thanks to the “square design”. In a wider cabinet you can put 2 side-by-side for sorting colours. The 400mm wide laundry basket, holds 97L and good for those slightly larger spaces. The largest in the range is 500mm wide and that holds 121 Litres, so great for spaces that need lots of capacity.

Features You’ll Love

Laundries are very practical spaces so we give you a variety and sizes, installation options and features that work for you space.

  1. The wire is stainless steel so ideal for wet areas and storing damp items.
  2. Our slides are full extension, so come out 100%, to give you maximum access.
  3. Calico liners can be added if you are concerned about small items slipping through or just want to be able to easily pick up the contents of the Laundry basket.


Concealed and Organised Laundry Basket Storage | TANSEL Pull Out Storage

Keen to know more?

Our catalogue details specifications and prices however our expert team are available to help if you have a tricky space, such as an under sink cabinet.

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