Kitchen Cabinet Storage Makeover

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Kitchen Cabinet Storage Makeover

See how this cabinet storage makeover ticked all the boxes – more storage, easy access and amazing organisation.  Our collaboration with Howards Storage and Organiser, Anita Birges, transformed this drab cabinet into a fully functioning pull out pantry!


This Bondi townhouse did not have a full height pantry. The owner stored most pantry items in a very wide and deep cabinet under the bench. The cabinet was approximately 1100mm wide and 650mm deep! Access was definitely a challenge but you might also notice there was lots of wasted space. And the shelf was sagging!

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Makeover | TANSEL Pull Out Storage


Our transformation ticked all boxes! We removed the sagging adjustable shelf and fitted a vertical divider, which is 16mm melamine we bought and had cut at the local hardware. This was secured using “L” brackets (also from the local hardware store).

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Here’s what we achieved:

1. Created More Storage

The wasted space between the shelves is now gone! Adding TANSEL stainless steel wire drawers has optimised the space and created much more usable storage. We did this by grouping similar height items together (and storing them together). We used 2 x 150mm high drawers to store tall items and 3 x 100m high drawers for short items.

2. Easy Access & No More Digging!

Making everything accessible allows you to see items you are storing in the back, so you’ll no longer need to dig around and won’t be buying more of what you already have.

3. Better Organisation

When you have easy access and everything is visible, you can better organise your space and keep it that way! Using an assortment of trays and door mount fittings (from Howards Storage) created excellent organisation within the space.



Looking to transform your cabinet?

Easy! Start by requesting a catalogue. You’ll also receive a measurement guide and product price list. We can help you find the right solutions for your space, so contact us with some simple measurements to get started. Our products are DIY friendly but we also have a installers in some metropolitan areas.

Products can be purchased from us directly and a select range from Howards Storage stores across Australia. Contact us to find your nearest location.

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