Dramatically Improve Storage in Small Spaces

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Dramatically Improve Storage in Small Spaces

Did you know storage in small spaces can be made perfectly accessible? Kitchens can be busy and crowded places, so it’s easy to imagine how wonderful it would be if every nook and cranny could offer accessible storage.

Storage in Small Spaces | TANSEL Storage

Access All Areas!

This kitchen cabinet was a narrow, awkward space, which was converted from 2 fixed shelves into 3 user-friendly pull out baskets. The result is a beautiful and functional cabinet. No more dramas trying to find items lost in the depths of inaccessible dark corners!

Increase Storage Capacity

Removing shelves and replacing them with pull out baskets can increase cabinet storage by as much as 30%.

Easy Installation

Tansel kitchen storage is suitable for DIY installation.  Professional installation is also available.

There are many ways to make the most of storage in small spaces. If you have a tricky space that needs to be transformed, contact us for advice.


Need More Ideas for Storage in Small Spaces?

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