Make the Most of Your Under Sink Storage!

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Make the Most of Your Under Sink Storage!

Want to know how to make the most of your under sink storage? Here’s a few tips that will make your space accessible and easy to organise.

Tip 1. Use The Nook Space

Those narrow spaces that you thought are inaccessible can be a great place to store sponges, dish washing tablets, etc. The narrow slide our basket only requires 113mm of space, which is perfect for making the most of that tiny space.

Tip 2. Bottom Mounted Pull Out Storage

Offering amazing flexibility, these bottom mount basket drawers can be installed on shelves or at the bottom of the cabinet. There are 17 widths and 3 heights, so the options are endless!

Tip 3. Choose Durable Materials

There’s nothing worse than having to replace things after only a few years. TANSEL used stainless steel wire & the bases are acrylic so perfect for wet spaces and where you are storing sponges.


Click here to see more options and storage ideas for under sink cabinets. Contact us to get started or if you need expert advice to work out the best solution for your space. Most of our products are DIY friendly but we also offer a Professional Installation Service across Australia.



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