Top 5 Inspirations For Small Storage Spaces

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Top 5 Inspirations For Small Storage Spaces

Have small storage spaces that need a little inspiration? Whether it be kitchen storage for a caravan, boat, granny flat or tiny home, small storage spaces can be maximised to their potential with Tansel’s Pull Out Wire Baskets. Here’s Tansel’s top 5 space saving storage inspirations …

Pull Out Basket Narrow Space |

TANSEL Narrow Pull Out Basket

1. Narrow Pull Out Basket Drawer

Have a narrow cabinet that is not utilised to its potential? Consider a Narrow Pull Out Basket Drawer for a tight space in your kitchen storage. Basket widths start from 100 W (for a 200 W cabinet) and come in a standard 485 depth.

Baskets extend to 100% of their length and make the most of a narrow cabinet by not having to reach to the back. Non Slip Bases ensure that products don’t move around and prevent items breaking or spilling. Baskets are removable for cleaning at the base of a cabinet. Watch our video!

Bottom Mount Basket |

TANSEL Bottom Mount Pull Out Basket

2. Bottom Mount Basket

Need to utilise a space where there are no walls to mount slides for a pull out basket? This is common in a caravan or boat. A Bottom Mount Basket may be a solution here. Slides are mounted to the base of a cabinet and the basket slides in and out easily.

Tansel Pull Out Baskets are made from stainless steel wire that is resistant to rust so if your small storage space is in a caravan or boat that is close to water, baskets come with a lifetime warranty against rust. The capacity for weight is a strong 40kg also.


Pull Out Basket Narrow Space |

TANSEL Multipurpose Pull Out (Narrow)

3. Multi Purpose Pull Out (Narrow)

Want to organise a tight space a little better? Consider a Multi Purpose Pull Out (Narrow) where multiple baskets slide out on a door frame with one pull. Suitable for narrow spaces only, this product makes the most of a tight space in your kitchen storage.

The benefit of this product is that the shelves are adjustable on a frame so heights can be changed over time, according to what you are storing. Three different widths (narrow) can be configured as you need also. Enquire about prices for the frame and baskets too.


Pull Out Spice Rack |

TANSEL Bottle & Spice Pull Out

4. Bottle & Spice Pull Out Rack

Have a space beside the oven that isn’t much help? The solution is a Bottle & Spice Pull Out Rack to store all your oils and spices. Baskets slide out on a two tier system (three different widths are available) and bases are available to prevent bottles moving.

Make the most of a tricky nook that is often left over after a kitchen renovation is complete. Side mount or bottom mount slides are both available, so can cater for installation into the space if it is especially narrow.


Pull Out Spice Rack |

TANSEL Spice Racks

5. Door/Wall Mount Basket

Keen to use the space available on a door or wall? A Door/Wall Mount Basket makes the most of small storage spaces. Baskets come in different sizes and prices start from $21.61. Baskets are also able to fit in between the space of pull out baskets (or already existing shelves) in a pantry too.

Fancy yourself a little bit handy? Tansel products are suitable for DIY installation too. If DIY doesn’t work for you, ask about our ever growing network of professional installation services. And don’t forget to benefit from our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets too.


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