Corner Kitchen Storage – Solutions You’ll Love

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Corner Kitchen Storage – Solutions You’ll Love

Corner cabinets are in just about all homes. They create valuable kitchen storage but can also be challenging when trying to access the back. Our corner cabinet solutions will help you transform the space so everything you want to store is within easy reach. They really are solutions you’ll love.

Solution 1 : Using A Lazy Susan – Finding The Right Fit!

We’ve all seen these! They are available in a wide range of sizes, options and budgets. To help you choose the right one, consider the correct size for your space. Ideally, you should only have 30-50mm of space between the Lazy Susan and the cabinet wall. There are generally two size options – 710 & 810mm diameter.

The pictured stainless steel wire Lazy Susan also comes with the option of a clear non slip base. Using a base will stabilise all items you are storing and prevent them moving. Check your specifications! Some tray heights can be too short, which can result in things tipping over. A good height for a tray is at least 60mm+.

TIP: Choosing the right size diameter will ensure as much space as possible is utilised.

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Solution 2: Adding More Trays

Just because the “standard” option is 2 trays, it doesn’t mean you can’t have more. Adding a 3rd layer to an under bench corner cabinet can increase your storage area significantly. If you are not storing tall items, the extra tray is worth considering.

For a corner pantry (or a tall corner cabinet), adding trays is a must because not all corner cabinets are under the bench.

TIP: Lazy Susan’s without a pole also give you better space flexibility because you don’t have to work around the pole when you are storing items.

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Solution 3: Making Small Nooks a Storage Opportunity

Ok, so not everything is a “perfect fit” and you’re left with a nook that just looks like wasted space. A space as small as 115mm left beside a Lazy Susan can be easily converted to store bottles and spices. Clever! And simple too.

This corner cabinet storage solution works well for spaces that are “L” shape. A standard Lazy Susan in these types of cabinets will generally leave gaps that can easily be filled. There are several narrow space solutions for this but we recommend contacting us to help you work out “best fit”.

TIP: Fitting a narrow pull out basket into existing corner cabinets can be done. Several of the featured solutions can be added to existing cabinets.

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Solution 4: Swing Trays

This solution is designed for corner cabinets with one single door.  The Swing Tray corner storage solution is a very popular one because it’s simple, easy and flexible. It’s a good solution for a wide range of cabinet heights and each tray holds approx 20kg, so it provides plenty of support if you plan to store heavy items.

TIP: If you are storing short items, opt for 3 trays instead of the usual 2. The more trays you have, the more general storage you’ll be able to create for yourself.

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Solution 5: Lazy Susan 1/2

There are many versions of the 1/2 Lazy Susan. The quality varies significantly, as does the price point. There are an economical alternative to the Swing Tray (both pictured and described above) and it does the job just as well.

These corners solutions are available in a wide range of materials – plastic, chrome and stainless steel – so you’ll need to weigh up what features are important to you if you’re budget is limited.

TIP: If you live in a coastal or humid area, stainless steel wires will give you more durability and prevention against rust in the long term.

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Solution 6: Moving Corner

Moving Corners offer both flexibility and functionality. The baskets can be adjusted up and down so you can leave more or less height, depending on the items you are storing.

Compared to all the other shown solutions for corners in the kitchen, these baskets are square shape so they give you a little more storage space (compared to the tray shapes above). The baskets are also simple to remove and easy to adjust, which makes cleaning the baskets and cabinets a much simpler task.

TIP: Most corner solutions require your cabinet door width to be 400mm or more. If you are designing the cabinet, try and work to these minimum requirements.

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