Ikea Kitchens – Easy Storage Revamp

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Ikea kitchen | Storage Revamp
Posted by: Tanya Category: Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: August 1, 2018

Ikea Kitchens – Easy Storage Revamp

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet | Tansel.com.au

Do you have an existing Ikea, Bunnings or other flatpack kitchen that could use a little more storage? They are generally are a good combination of aesthetics and functionality but as with any cabinet, kitchen storage can always be enhanced to make things more accessible and organised.

Top 3 Storage Hacks

We love Ikea but if you find the quality of their pull out storage lacking, you’ll love Tansel’s pull out wire basket solutions. They will not only enhance and greatly improve your storage, they are Australian designed and built to last.

All our below storage hacks are DIY friendly and perfect for an indoor weekend project. Whatever your cabinet shape and size, there’s a solution to make your space more accessible and far more organised.

Hack #1 – Replace Shelves With Slide Out Storage

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Tansel Baskets | Tansel.com.au

Whatever your space, removing adjustable shelves can increase your storage up to 30%! How? The gap between shelves is generally very wide (so you can reach to the back), which then creates wasted space.

Adding stainless steel pull out baskets allows you to space things more closely, and therefore maximise your storage. Whether you have a pantry or an under bench cabinet, removing shelves will enhance your space.

Tansel pull out wire baskets fit into new or existing flat packs kitchen cabinets. There are several height options and many features to choose from – such as non slip bases and partitions. Best of all, all the wire is stainless steel and products come with a lifetime warranty.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Tansel Pull Out Spice Rack | Tansel.com.auHack #2 – Better Access To Overhead Cabinets

Overhead storage is often hard to reach and sometimes left in the “too hard” basket. A pull out basket can however make the cabinet easy to utilise. Some kitchens have very limited storage so making this space easy to access is important.

Best of all, you don’t need to embark on expensive renovations to make this change – it’s suitable for existing cabinets of any type. Whether you have a hinged door or lift up door, there is a solution.

Just about all our baskets are available with non slip bases, so all those tall and small items will stay in position. The bases are also easy to remove making cleaning a breeze.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Tansel Under Sink Storage | Tansel.com.auHack #3 – Under Sink Around Those Tricky Spaces

Under sink storage can be by far the hardest space to work around. Every space is different but just about all are filled with pipes, power points, hoses… etc. The options for an under sink space are endless. Pictured (right) is just one example of how all the space is utilised and completely accessible. Best of all, this solution is completely water resistant because the wire is stainless steel and the base is acrylic. It will withstand moist areas!

Our range of products are suitable for Do-It-Yourself installation, as well as a professional installation service if need be. Get in touch for more information on what type of installation is going to work best for you. We offer friendly expert advice and always happy to have an obligation free chat with you.


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