The Advantages Of A Pull Out Wire Basket Drawer

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Posted by: Editorial Category: Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: May 21, 2018

The Advantages Of A Pull Out Wire Basket Drawer

Adding more storage has never been easier! Create perfect access and organisation for hard to reach spaces in your kitchen storage. Transform the storage in your kitchen with a space-saving pull out wire basket drawer. The benefits will last you a lifetime!

Here are our top 5 advantages …

Advantage #1: It’s Space Saving Storage

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You can increase the storage in your cabinet by as much as 30% with pull out baskets. What’s more, the sliding mechanisms takes up minimal space because our slim profile slides only need a total of 26mm (ie, 2 x 13mm on each side).

Also, the wire basket sides only take up a few millimetres of space, so you get more storage overall. Note: If you have a hinged door in your cabinet, we use special slides that clear the hinge block and door obstruction, so no additional packers are required. It looks clean and is simple.


Advantage #2: Quality Stainless Steel Wire & A Lifetime Warranty

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Stainless steel wire is resistant to rust, so is especially worth the investment if you are installing baskets in an area prone to dampness (eg: laundry) or reside in a sea side suburb.

It’s highly durable and designed to stand the test of time. Tansel baskets come with lifetime warranty against rust and a lifetime warranty on the functioning of slides and mechanisms.



Advantage #3: Transparency & Accesibility

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Visiblity is enhanced and accessibility is increased – you can see every product in your cabinet from every angle. Say goodbye to forgetting about items at the back of the cabinet that eventually expire … or buying foods over and again when you already have them hiding in the back.

It’s now easier to know what you have in your cabinet all the time.

You’ll never reach to the back of a shelf again!


Advantage #4: Strength & Weight Capacity

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A Tansel pull out wire basket drawer has the capacity to hold up to 40kg. You can store a wide range of items and unlike melamine based drawers, if liquids slip, there is no risk of damage of board swelling.

Non slip bases ensure products don’t move around when the basket is pulled in & out and if things do spill, they are easily contained.



Advantage #5: Do-It-Yourself Friendly Installation

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If you fancy yourself a bit of a handy man / handy woman, consider the Do-It-Yourself installation simple and easy! Save yourself money without compromising quality.

The range of sizes is extensive but we can help you take the guess work out with expert advice.

For anyone not feeling confident with a drill, we have a network of professional installers that can help. Our products can be DIY or professionally installed in just about any space, nook or void too.


What Storage Dilemma Can We Help You Solve Today?

Can’t get to the back of your pantry? Is your under sink space filled with hard to reach nooks? The shelf with heavy plates is getting heavier by the day and hard to access? These are just a few of the challenges we can help you with.

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