Love Your Laundry: Cabinet Transformation Ideas

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Laundry Basket Single
Posted by: Tanya Category: Laundry Storage Ideas, Other Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: April 6, 2018

Love Your Laundry: Cabinet Transformation Ideas

Transform your laundry cabinet to increase your storage and improve your organisation. Whether your laundry is large or small, you’ll love these ideas. Many are simple laundry storage tips that don’t require an overall renovation and make for an easy DIY project.

1. Pull Out Laundry Baskets

Pull Out Wire Basket Single

Tansel Pull Out Wire Basket Single

Make your laundry less of a chore with a well functioning space. Concealing laundry baskets behind closed doors will reduce clutter. This is especially important if you have a small laundry.

These stainless steel laundry baskets can store up to 121L! They can be fitted under the sink or in just about any cabinet shape or size. Have just one (pictured) or install them side by side.

Installation is DIY friendly or you can choose to have them professionally installed. Made from stainless steel wire, they won’t rust in damp areas, which is ideal for the laundry.





2. Basket In A Nook

Image: Pinterest

Create a nook or two in an already existing cabinet to house a free standing basket. Choose ones made from materials that can withstand the damp to get good long term use.

A nicely crafted basket can also become a feature in your laundry. Laundry rooms serve an important part of most homes, but a little creative flare will bring it to the next level.

Have just one or multiple, depending on the family size and room available.




3. Mobile Laundry Basket

Tansel Mobile Laundry Basket Castors

Consider a mobile laundry basket with castors that you can wheel around the home. The basket does not need to be carried or lifted, which can get rather heavy when it is full of clothes.

Place one beside another – the bigger the family, the more the baskets – if the room permits! Transporting your laundry around the room or home could be made easier.





4. Stand Alone Basket

Laundry Hamper Rattan

Image: Pinterest

Don’t have room to hide your hamper away? Add a little inspiration to your laundry or bathroom with a free standing basket that complements your surroundings.

Baskets are commonly rattan, canvas or plastic, or a combination of all to withstand the effects of dampness. A naturally textured basket acts as a feature for a laundry, bathroom or even bedroom.



5. Laundry Baskets In A Tall Cabinet

Tall Laundry Cabinet Hamper

Tansel Laundry Storage Tall Cabinets

If you have a tall space, going up is a great way to use all the available space.

The laundry baskets slide out fully so everything is perfectly accessible. There are also hooks on the slides that allow you to remove the laundry basket.

There are many sizes and options, so whatever your laundry storage dilemma, there will be a solution.



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