How To Enhance Storage In Flat Pack Kitchens

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Flat Pack Kitchens
Posted by: Tanya Category: Flat Pack Kitchens 0 Post Date: February 12, 2018

How To Enhance Storage In Flat Pack Kitchens

Enhance storage in flat pack kitchens to give them loads more functionality and better storage. It’s easy! You’ll love our tips and tricks to give you greater access to the back of the cabinet, reduce clutter and improve your overall kitchen storage.

1. Remove The Shelf

Shelves in your flat pack kitchen come as a standard – they do the job. Over time however, getting things from the back will be a challenge. You probably have very wide spacing between the shelves, about 32-35cm, so you will lose valuable storage space.

Solution: Removing adjustable shelves and adding slide out storage can increase your storage space by as much as 30%.


2. Add Slide Out StorageFlat Pack Kitchens

When you remove the shelves, you have a blank canvas and can really use the space to it’s full potential. Using slide out storage such as wire baskets (or kitchen drawers) will give you far more functionality and kitchen storage space.

For Example: You can have up to 7 slide out baskets in your kitchen pantry. Best of all, everything is visible and perfectly accessible.


3. Maximise The Storage Space

To really make the most of your space, you need to group things that are of similar heights together. And store them together.

We recommend 1-2 baskets that will store all your tall items. These baskets are generally taller (150H). You can then add as many shorter baskets (100H) as you require.

Basket Base Clear

4. Add Extra Features, If You Require

Non slip bases are a good addition when storing tall items (or glass Masterfood spices). This will give things stability when you’re pulling the basket in/out. It also makes for easy cleaning should things spill.

 5. Easy Installation

These baskets are super easy to install. Slides have a special built in spacer that will clear your hinged block and door obstruction.




How much do baskets cost?
Depending on your cabinet width, prices for a small basket (including slides) start around $70. Request a catalogue on our website for prices and more information.

How do TANSEL products compare?
Our products are make using stainless steel wire and come with a lifetime warranty. We have the most extensive range and offer expert advice too.

Are they suitable for Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens?
Yes. Our products can be used with all flat pack kitchens.

Are they suitable for IKEA Kitchens?
Yes. IKEA kitchens use a 16mm board so we’ll need to provide you with some extra parts.

Can someone come and install for us?
Yes. We have a network of skilled installers that would love to help you. The cost is around $50 per basket (minimum 3) but please contact us for more information about this installation service.



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