Tiny Pantry Storage In A Granny Flat Kitchen

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Tiny Pantry Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Pantry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: September 27, 2017

Tiny Pantry Storage In A Granny Flat Kitchen

This granny flat kitchen had limited and hard to reach kitchen storage. A simple transformation made everything easily visible and accessible, best of all no more digging the back of the cabinet.

Did You Know?

Tiny Pantry Storage | Tansel.com.au

Removing shelves can increase tiny pantry storage space? This cabinet had just one adjustable shelf, which was removed to add 3 slides out stainless steel baskets. The problem with narrow cabinets is access. So much of what is stored is at the back of this cabinet making things very hard to reach.

Easy DIY Solution

This cabinet was transformed within 30 mins flat! The ‘handyman’ was actually a ‘handy-woman’, armed with a pencil, a measuring tape, and mini cordless drill, not to mention not much experience in the DIY installation department!

Using Non Slip Bases

Non slip bases are great if you plan to store tall items or multiple spices (like the ones pictured in the top basket). Bases provide stability for items in your pantry storage when pulling the baskets in and out. Cans, packets, boxes etc don’t require bases.

Minimal Cleaning

Our pull out wire baskets requires minimal (or next to nothing) cleaning. If you want to clean the base of the cabinet, the baskets are easily removed from the sliding tracks to reach the bottom to clean it.

Fast Facts

Prices start from $70 each, including slides, which make this solution a great investment. It suits cabinets from internal width 126Wmm+. Have a read for more narrow cabinet ideas …


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