Door Mount Baskets For Kitchen Storage

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Kitchen Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: January 22, 2017

Door Mount Baskets For Kitchen Storage

Adding simple storage systems to cabinet doors are an effective way of creating extra kitchen storage. Door mount storage is handy for all your everyday kitchen items, including sink detergents and cleaning sprays.

Door Mount Kitchen Storage

Door Mount Baskets For Kitchen Storage |

Simply add a tea towel rail using door mount storage to create a hygienic and accessible way to store your tea towels – it can store and dry out of sight, with plenty of room for your household items underneath.

We have two 300W racks available in either 100mm or 150mm height – perfect for dishwashing liquids and cleaning sprays. These can be fitted with non slip bases in either clear or opal finishes to keep products stable.

Super easy to install and cost effective, they are ‘must have’ solution for all kitchen or laundry under sink areas and remember our stainless steel wireware comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust perfect for those wet prone areas.

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