Slide Out Shoe Racks For Bedroom Storage

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Shoe Rack
Posted by: admin Category: Bedroom Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: December 15, 2016

Slide Out Shoe Racks For Bedroom Storage

These racks are ideal for all your bedroom storage needs. They can be mounted as a fixed rack, single or multiple, or be installed as a slide out solution to store all your shoes neatly. Improve your shoe storage dilemmas today!

Shoe Racks

Slide Out Shoe Racks For Bedroom Storage |

The dimensions of a fixed rack are 1000W x 50H x 320D and a specific wall fitting can be supplied if you are mounting a fixed rack to surfaces made from timber or melamine.

The dimensions of a slide out shoe rack are a maximum of 1058W x 50H x 350mm and they can be cut down in 25mm increments with 100% full extension and a soft close option.

Non slip bases are available if you are storing high heels. They come in a standard size (1 metre wide) and can also be cut to suit various cabinet widths. Now shoes are easy to see and choose.

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