Under Sink Storage For Shallow Spaces

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Under Sink Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: November 26, 2016

Under Sink Storage For Shallow Spaces

Do you want to use the space under your sink but the cabinet is consumed by plumbing? Efficiently utilise a tricky space in your kitchen storage with options never thought possible.

These spaces in your kitchen storage cabinets are generally shallow, usually around 300D, but with a little DIY, they are easily transformed into under sink storage.

Perfect for shallow spaces in your under sink storage

Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage For Shallow Spaces | Tansel.com.au

Our bottom mount detergent pullouts are perfect for shallow spaces in your under sink storage. They can store a range of products for cleaning and have both the option of partitions and non slip bases to prevent items from falling or rolling.

These pull out wire baskets also easily allow access to the plumbing and electrical in your under sink storage – they slide out to 100% of their capacity and are also removable if need be for either cleaning and/or servicing.

Baskets are made from stainless steel wire which is ideal for potentially wet areas in the kitchen – they won’t rust.

Alternatives for the kitchen sink area?

Still not enough space under your sink? Try utilising the space behind a sink/tap – this is a generally shallow option also but without obstacles from plumbing to allow for. Open and visible – no need to hide this kind of storage in a cabinet. 

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Please contact us for more information or product advice. Our catalogue includes prices and specifications. Products are suitable for DIY installation. We also offer a professional installation service. Request Catalogue & Pricing | DIY or Installation Service






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