Laundry Storage Ideas For Tall Cabinets

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Laundry Storage
Posted by: admin Category: Laundry Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 1 Post Date: November 18, 2016

Laundry Storage Ideas For Tall Cabinets

Do you need more space for your laundry? Try going up in your cabinets! Here are two pull out wire baskets, one on top of the other, that require only 1090H inside your cabinet for all your laundry storage needs.

Laundry Storage

Tall Laundry Cabinet |

And importantly, all our products only use stainless steel wire, which is a must in damp areas such as a laundry to prevent rust.

With flexible options for mounting and a range of basket sizes, you can transform your tall laundry storage cabinets.

Our laundry baskets can be mounted to the cabinet in many ways:

  1. RHS wall only (pictured)
  2. LHS wall only
  3. Side mount left & right
  4. Bottom mount

We have 3 sizes in our standard range:

  • Small 300W x 500H x 485D
  • Medium 400W x 500H x 485D
  • Large 500W x 500H x 485D

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