Wall Mount Baskets For Kitchen Storage

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Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: April 28, 2016

Wall Mount Baskets For Kitchen Storage

Wall mount baskets are ideal solutions for all your kitchen storage needs. Whether it is within a walk-in pantry, in a utility room or on the back of a cabinet door, they are useful for both food and non-food items.

Wall Mount Kitchen Storage | Tansel.com.au

Now, products are easy to see and even easier to access. Even better still, our wall mount solutions can be permanently fixed to the wall like a shelf or temporarily removable like a basket.

They can be mounted so that the entire basket can be taken to the kitchen bench (eg: spices) or to the dining table (eg: condiments). Non slip bases keep products stable also.

The layout options and the size ranges for these kitchen storage solutions are endless:

  1. 300W x 100H x 100D
  2. 350W x 150H x 100D
  3. 480W x 90H x 100D
  4. 480W x 90H x 200D
  5. 485W x 100H x 200D

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