Door Mount Pull Out Laundry Baskets

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Door Mount Pull Out Laundry Baskets

Did you know all our laundry baskets can be mounted on the door of a cabinet to become pull out laundry storage? There are 3 laundry basket sizes, with the largest one holding up to 121L, enough to hold (and hide) a large pile of dirty clothes for a big family!

Laundry Baskets

Door Mount Pull Out Laundry Basket |

Improve your laundry storage organisation with door mount laundry baskets. Baskets can also be turned sideways to allow for shallow depth under bench cabinets or different cabinet sizes. All our door mount baskets slide out to 100% of their length, so you won’t have to dig to get your clothes ready for washing!

Door mounting laundry baskets also free the space on the laundry floor, where a clothes basket normally sits, providing more room to move around.

Here at Tansel, we only use stainless steel wire which is a must in damp areas such as a laundry.

Standard Sizes

  • 300W x 500H x 485D – holds 72litres
  • 400W x 500H x 485D – holds 97litres
  • 500W x 500H x 485D – holds 121litre

Compact Sizes

  • 400W x 400H x 400D – holds 64litres
  • 305W x 385H x 380D – holds 45litres

Fancy yourself a little bit handy? Tansel products are suitable for DIY installation too. If DIY doesn’t work for you, ask about our ever growing network of professional installation services. And don’t forget to benefit from our friendly expert advice that provides recommendations for your cabinets too.


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