Suspended Baskets For Kitchen Drawers

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Kitchen Drawers
Posted by: admin Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas, Storage Ideas 0 Post Date: January 21, 2016

Suspended Baskets For Kitchen Drawers

These may look like everyday standard baskets but they have actually been suspended from under a bench top – now you have more functionality in your existing cabinets with kitchen drawers.

Kitchen Drawers

Suspended Baskets For Kitchen Drawers |

This is a great kitchen storage solution for cabinets with shelves, cabinets that can open spaces that are un-used or odd shaped size cabinets that require additional under bench storage.

Fitting baskets to the top of cabinets can be an easy way to get more storage. These baskets are fitted to the top of the cabinet, so cabinet width is not an issue, you have complete flexibility. Non slip bases ensure products don’t move or break.

Fully Sliding Mechanisms

You can easily access anything that you choose to store in your basket. The sliding tracks are ‘ full extension’, so everything slides out 100%. You can just about store anything! These high quality slides hold up to 40kgs and come with a lifetime warranty. It’s quality you can trust.

Where can these be used?

Just about any cabinet that has space in it is not well used. The brackets that hold the slides fixed to the underneath of your cabinet. If you have a stone bench top, you will need to fix a timber baton to allow for the fixing of the screws. Please contact us for advice if you have questions about the fixing.

What are the size options?

Width: There is a huge range of basket widths, heights, and depths. Baskets come as small as 100mmW and as wide as 900W. In total there are 13 widths – you’ll have plenty of flexibility!

Height: There are 3 height options but we generally recommend 100H, maximium 150H.

Depth: Our standard depth is 485 but there are options from 200-900mm. We recommend you contact us if you have any special requirements.

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