Under Sink

Under Sink

Make all those awkward spaces in your kitchen perfectly functional with our extensive range of under sink storage solutions. We only use stainless steel wire, which is perfect for wet areas and storing all cleaning products. Take the guess work out and contact us for expert advice.  | REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Detergent Pull Outs

    Adding slide out storage under your sink can give you great access in those hard to reach spaces. We have a wide range of products that work around plumbing, hoses, water filters and deep sinks. No under sink cabinet is the same so contact us for expert advice.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Detergent Pull Outs (Shallow)

    These specially designed Detergent Pull Outs (for shallow spaces) use the space in front of plumbing and other obstructions. The wide range of sizes and options allow you to use as much of the space as possible. We know that no under-sink cabinet is the same, so contact us for expert advice.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Bottom Mount Basket

    Adding bottom mount baskets to under sink cabinets will give you great access into those narrow and/or hard to reach spaces. Available in an extensive range of sizes, you have plenty of options to solve those tricky spaces.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Door Mount Rack

    Add a door rack for fast and easy storage under the sink. This inexpensive and simple storage for everyday items is a perfect addition for those tricky cabinets. You can also combine the door rack with a Tea Towel Holder for added functionality.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Pull Out Wire Tray

    These slide out trays are designed to work around shallow space for easy slide out access and perfect visibility. it special cut to size design allow for a wide range of cabinet widths. No under-sink cabinet is the same, socontact us for expert advice.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Tea Towel Holder

    Tansel’s under sink storage ideas are extensive! A tea towel holder and/or multipurpose racks can be mounted to the inside of the cabinet door fixed or inside the cabinet to be a slide-out rack.  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE

  • Tea Towel Rail

    Hide and store your tea towel using our door mount Tea Towel Rail. This is an inexpensive & easy solution to keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free. Stainless steel is also perfect for storing wet/damp items because it’s rust resistant!  REQUEST LATEST CATALOGUE